All about children's shoes

How to walk in bare feet?

En kvinna visar hur man går i ett par barfotaskor från varumärket Be Lenka.

It is a big change for the tendons and muscles of your foot to switch from narrow shoes or heels. That's why it's good to think about these tips for walking in bare feet. Walk short distances at first and avoid putting your heel down too hard. When you walk in bare feet, it can feel strange at first.

Can you wear socks in barefoot shoes?

Ett par fötter i ett par barfotaskor och barfotastrumpor från Be Lenka som står på ett parkettgolv.

Should one avoid socks in barefoot shoes? No, not at all, you don't have to go barefoot in barefoot shoes. It is perfectly fine to use socks in barefoot shoes! This is actually a fairly common question we get, about whether to use socks in barefoot shoes. We understand that that thought arises, it sounds a bit like the name, but the fact is that it has nothing to do with the shoes really. Using socks in barefoot shoes Whether you wear socks or not in your barefoot shoes does not affect your experience of the shoes, it is only...

Wide toe box on shoes is good for the feet

En kvinnas fötter på en gräsmatta. En av fötterna är barfota medan den andra foten är i en barfotasko från märket Be Lenka.

Do you need shoes for wide feet? Then barefoot shoes with a wide toe box are perfect! It can give you more comfort, better foot health and shoes that last longer.

With a wide toe box on your shoes, your feet get natural freedom of movement. Our feet feel best when they are barefoot, so shoes that mimic our feet are often designed with a wide toe box.

What are zero drop shoes?

En person står barfota bakom sina skor.

A shoe with zero drop is when there is no difference in height between the heel of the shoe and the front part of the foot. So in other words, a shoe that has zero drop is flat. It is the very opposite of having a heel of any kind on one's shoe.

How much bigger should new children's shoes be?

En mamma håller i ett par små barnskor.
When buying new children's shoes, the question always arises of how much bigger should they be? Although different brands may differ, there is one rule that is a good starting point: a child's foot length is the approximate size.

What should you consider when buying shoes for children?

En pojke sitter på en bänk i en skola och man ser hans barnskor nära i bild.
There is a lot of information about children's shoes and what you need to consider before a new purchase. Here we have collected four common questions and thoughts that are good to start thinking about!

Buy children's shoes for autumn

Köpa barnskor för hösten
Autumn can offer both cold and warm temperatures. It will be easy for the children to use lined rubber boots all the time, but autumn shoes need to work for both light weather, playing in tough environments and cold. Here we advise you on the best in Promenix's range and what you need to know when buying children's shoes for autumn!

What is learn to walk shoes?

Ett litet barn går på en stig i naturen bredvid en sjö i ett par gula läragåskor.
When your child begins to go on adventures, it is important to have a good learn-to-walk shoe for good support around the ankle of the child. This makes it easier for the child if the children's shoes have a sturdy back cover and should be flexible, have a thin sole and preferably be of the boot model. Read more about this important period in the child's life here!

What are non-toxic and ecological children's shoes?

En hand visar upp insidan av en barnsko från det svenska varumärket Kavat, som visar en lapp där det står att Kavats barnskor är giftfria och kromfria under läderproduktionen.
Buying high-quality children's shoes means that you are buying shoes that are made with the child's health in mind. One of our more popular shoe brands is Swedish Kavar and they are a pioneer when it comes to making environmentally friendly children's shoes. Read more about how their production of children's leather shoes differs here!

Velcro, shoelaces or zippers on children's shoes?

Ett barn knyter sina barnskor med ett skosnören men har problem att få det bra.
Good children's shoes is a matter of course, but it is also important that the shoes are easy to put on and that they stay on! When buying a pair of children's shoes, it is important to know what the purpose of the shoe is. And then the question arises, what is best? Velcro straps, shoelaces or zippers?

How to clean the Kavat Gimo rubber boots?

En pappa som är förälder, håller sitt barn i famnen och barnet har på sig gula gummistövlar av barnskomärket Kavat.

Using the rubber boots for children as soon as the smallest drop falls from the sky may seem obvious. Fixed g ummy boots should not really be used daily, but more as a complement when it is rainy and slushy. Read more about how to care for rubber boots and how Kavat Gimo can be washed.

Reasons why barefoot is best for all children

Ett par barnfötter går barnfota på en mysig matta utan strumpor.
Why is it best for children to go barefoot? There are many reasons, but the main one is that it simply promotes the natural development of not only your child's feet, but also the whole body and movement. But shoes are needed outdoors, so barefoot shoes are a good option when the child walks outdoors or on hard surfaces.