En kvinnas fötter på en gräsmatta. En av fötterna är barfota medan den andra foten är i en barfotasko från märket Be Lenka.

With a wide toe box on your shoes, your feet get natural freedom of movement. Our feet feel best when they are barefoot, so shoes that mimic our feet are often designed with a wide toe box.

Wide toe box in barefoot shoes

Traditional shoes tend not to be designed according to how our feet actually look. It's easy to miss it, but often regular shoes are way too narrow at the toes. This creates an unnatural shape for your foot.

At first, it is easy to perceive that barefoot shoes with a wide toe box are looser than your usual shoes. With a shoe design that has a wide toe box, more space is created in the front part of the shoes. But this gives you a better opportunity to use your toes and feet when you walk.

When you use barefoot shoes with a wide toe box, the toes can spread out and you get more stability and power in your gait. You will feel that your toes no longer need to be pulled together, as your foot is loaded more evenly, which leads to stronger foot muscles.

Shoes for you with big, wide feet

Do you need shoes for wide feet? Then barefoot shoes with a wide toe box are perfect! It can give you more comfort, better foot health and shoes that last longer.

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