Ett litet barn går på en stig i naturen bredvid en sjö i ett par gula läragåskor.

When your child starts trying to walk and go on adventures, it is important to have a child's shoe with good support around the child's ankle . This makes it easier for the child if the children's shoes have a sturdy back cap and proper lacing. The shoe then fits better around the foot and provides more support.

Children's shoes like these can be called first-walk shoes or learn-to-walk shoes . They should be flexible, have a thin sole and preferably be of the boot model.

A cute kid walks in a pair of children's shoes along a gravel path that is a learn-to-walk type of shoe.

The importance of using soles in children's shoes

Often, new children's shoes with the right amount of growth and shoe size can feel a little too big and loose. The same thing can happen if the child has narrow feet . The problem can usually be remedied by filling the shoes with good soles at the beginning. Then when the child's feet grow, the sole is removed and the shoe size lasts the whole season!

Too narrow children's shoes

If insoles do not help, the shoes are probably too wide for the child's feet. If this is the case, you should choose a narrower shoe model. Different manufacturers have their specific characteristics when it comes to shoe design. But never buy a new shoe that is less than 1 cm longer than the foot, just so that it fits well in width.

A child sits on dark stones and plays with a pair of trainers on his feet.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact Promenix Barnskobutik via e-mail or social media such as Facebook or Instagram . If you have the slightest doubt, we recommend you visit our store. There you get professional help to try out just the right children's shoe for your child, such as Kavat Backe , barefoot slippers from Liliputi , Froddo Cerise or perhaps Emel Celine and Bobux Swing ?

Therefore, the socks are important for small children

Children's feet sweat a lot during intense play and when they are learning to walk. During a normal day , children's feet sweat up to 4 cl per foot! In order to fully benefit from the moisture-transporting function of shoes with, for example, a GORE-TEX© membrane, it is important to use the right kind of socks .

A happy child walks on a bridge with staggered steps and balances his progress in a pair of trainers.

If it is cold outside, we recommend woolen socks of good quality . They warm and transport away moisture. Unlike cotton socks, wool socks keep warm even when damp. This makes it important to have wool socks, even if the shoe itself is very warm.