En hand visar upp insidan av en barnsko från det svenska varumärket Kavat, som visar en lapp där det står att Kavats barnskor är giftfria och kromfria under läderproduktionen.

When you shop with us at Promenix, you can feel confident that the children's shoes we offer are of high quality and are good eco-friendly children's shoes.


Buying high-quality children's shoes means that you buy shoes that are made with the child's health in mind. As more and more consumers become more aware of the manufacturing process, manufacturers of children's shoes are also trying to improve their processes.

En kvinna sitter och tillverkar en barnsko av varumärket Kavat.

Kavat - first in the world with organic children's shoes


One of our more popular shoe brands is Kavat. Kavat is one Swedish shoe brand which is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing environmentally friendly children's shoes.

Verktyg som används vid tillverkning och reparation av barnskor gjorda i läder av bra kvalitet.

In 2008, Kavat was the first shoe brand in the world to offer organic children's shoes that met the strict requirements for EU Ecolabel. EU Ecolabel means that Kavat's shoes reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle. From raw materials and throughout the production chain, when the product is used and when it becomes waste. And this does not happen at the expense of quality or function.

Chrome and allergies when tanning

Tärnsjö Tannery, which turns leather into Kavat, uses one of the oldest forms to treat its leather. This is called tanning and it is possible to find application of this method to ancient biblical writings 200 years BC.

Tanning is the chemical process that makes the leather soft and durable. The standard production of tanning uses the heavy metal chromium in large quantities that can cause allergies. Unfortunately, allergies have increased in recent years and parents are trying their best to ensure that their children are kept away from unnecessary environmental toxins.

Flera modeller av Kavats populära barnskor som är gjorda i ekologiskt läder ligger på ett trägolv.


Vegetable tanning for Kavat's children's shoes

Kavat's leather uses vegetable tanning which is very gentle on the environment and children's shoes. When they use vegetable tanning, wood extracts are used. This eliminates all unnecessary toxins. Kavat's other shoes that are not marked EU Ecolabel also use leather that has been treated in this way.