En kvinna visar hur man går i ett par barfotaskor från varumärket Be Lenka.

Walking in bare feet can feel strange at first. If you have previously used narrow shoes or heels, it is a big change for the tendons and muscles of your foot .

These tips are guidelines from us who sell barefoot shoes. If you have pain or problems with your feet, we recommend that you contact an orthopedist for advice.

Here are seven great tips for walking in bare feet.

This is how you walk in bare feet

  1. Walk short distances in your bare feet at first and think about how you put your foot down when you go for a walk.

  2. Avoid putting your heel too hard on the ground . Barefoot shoes do not have the same cushioning that can absorb the impact of the heel.

  3. When you walk in bare feet, your natural stride is slightly shorter and should move in a smoother pendulum motion where the foot pad does more work. This walking style helps you counteract a hard heel strike on the ground.

  4. Changing to barefoot shoes with zero drop from shoes with heels can put a lot of strain on the heel tendon. Start by walking on softer surfaces. It may take time for the feet to adjust.

  5. It may feel strange at first to walk in bare feet and even hurt your foot a little after you use them. This is not unusual, but often normal as your foot muscles are more active in barefoot shoes.

  6. If you experience a lot of pain or swelling around your foot, you should rest from barefoot shoes until your feet have healed. Then it might be good to start with an extra cushioning sole or heel insert in your barefoot shoes.

  7. Using barefoot shoes is like going to the gym for your feet. If you stop using them or wear them too infrequently, your feet will not get stronger.

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