En pojke sitter på en bänk i en skola och man ser hans barnskor nära i bild.

A small child holds his mother and father in each hand and tries to move forward.

1. How big should new children's shoes be?

The foot must have room for growth and walking space, a total of approximately 15 mm. The growth margin should be about 10 mm and the walking space 5 mm because the foot moves forward with each step you take. How big the difference between each size is can vary, but generally there is a difference of about 5-10mm between each size .

A mother holds her little child's feet in her hand, while they lie in bed.

2. How much does a child's foot grow?

Up to the age of two, children's feet normally grow 20 mm per year. Between two and three years of age approximately by 15 mm per year and thereafter, up to the child is eleven, by 10 mm per year. Be careful to measure the child's feet and shoes at regular intervals.

A very happy boy plays with a water sprinkler on a summer day.

3. How do you avoid children getting their feet wet?

In addition to the fact that children have a tendency to jump in puddles and play in the snow , children's feet sweat several centiliters every day . Some of the moisture evaporates upwards through the shaft opening, while the rest is absorbed by the socks and by the inside of the children's shoe. Few materials are completely waterproof and you should alternate between different children's shoes to allow them to dry completely. Boots and boots made of leather or textile material should be impregnated regularly. In case of rain and sleet, rubber or all-weather boots are recommended.

A girl is standing in a large pool of water with a pair of colorful rubber boots on her feet.

4. Can I dry the children's boots in the elements?

No , do not dry children's shoes such as boots in the elements. Avoid elements and drying cabinets, as the sole material in particular risks drying out and cracking may occur . Even some reinforcements of cellular rubber or similar materials react in the same way. A tip is to put newspaper in the boots, which absorbs the moisture quickly.