Ett par fötter i ett par barfotaskor och barfotastrumpor från Be Lenka som står på ett parkettgolv.

Should one avoid socks in barefoot shoes? No, not at all, you don't have to go barefoot in barefoot shoes. It is perfectly fine to use socks in barefoot shoes!

This is actually a fairly common question we get, about whether to use socks in barefoot shoes. We understand that that thought arises, it sounds a bit like the name, but the fact is that it has nothing to do with the shoes really.

Using socks in barefoot shoes

Whether you wear socks or not in your barefoot shoes does not affect your experience of the shoes, it is only a personal preference for you. However, a pair of socks that are too tight can prevent the free movement of your toes. It's obviously not good for your foot health.

We recommend using Be Lenka's barefoot socks. They are made of good materials, adapted to the shape of your feet and are available in many different designs such as low , colorful and classic .

This is how your barefoot shoes without socks are affected

However, it is worth considering that when we use shoes barefoot, they wear out faster. As we sweat more in the summer, the shoes get damp and are affected more than if you have a sock that collects the sweat.

Apart from the fact that the lifespan of your shoes can be affected, it is also a hygienic choice. Using socks will minimize the amount of sweat your barefoot shoes absorb, which also results in their smell. If this becomes a problem, you can buy cleaning products or deodorizing sprays for your shoes.