Köpa barnskor för hösten

Children's feet are sensitive. With changing weather during the autumn, several types of children's shoes are needed. Children's shoes for the autumn, for example, require both lined and unlined rubber boots and flexible boots for play, so that children's foot health remains optimal.


En pojke hoppar i en vattenpöl med sina gummistövlar.


During the fall It's easy for kids to wear lined rubber boots all the time, but it is good to have a pair of simple leather children's shoes well. Rubber boots do not breathe and when the children's feet sweat, sweat does not evaporate. When the feet and shoes do not dry out and breathe, it can cause skin problems.

Therefore, it is better to let the rubber boots stand and dry when it is not raining and let the feet breathe in children's shoes that are more breathable. Do not apply heat to dry rubber boots, they will crack and leak. Dry in room temperature away from heat sources such as floor heating or radiators.

Be prepared with different children's shoes

Autumn can offer both cold and warm temperatures! Therefore, it is good to have access to both unlined rubber boots as from Bundgaard and lined rubber boots like Bisgaard. This also means that the floor indoors tends to get colder, a couple slippers from Liliputi can be heavenly to have ready!

A waterproof children's shoe that is a little more robust suits a child's play and movements better. During early autumn, it can work well with baby boot in leather from Bobux which you waterproof. Later in the autumn, when it is a little cooler, you may need a children's shoe that is lightly lined with, for example, fleece or barefoot shoes with thin sole but wool lining.


En liten flicka sitter ner utomhus på hösten i ett par lätta barnkängor.


It's not fun to run around and play in an oversized autumn boots. A baby boot can be about 1.5 cm larger than the baby's foot to fit well but still have enough extra space to last when the child's feet grow. If the shoe still feels something spacious take a look at our assortment of insoles . Different varieties of soles can make children's shoes warmer at the same time, which is perfect for late autumn. As the baby's feet then grow, you can remove the extra sole.

Difference between autumn shoes and winter shoes

The weather between autumn and the Swedish winter can sometimes feel similar in its wet weather, but it can also be very different! A nice late autumn day can be cozy and then change to lots of minus degrees until New Year's Eve.

It is also worth noting that winter shoes for children tend to be taller, which protects the foot and leg from snow.

If you and your child like barefoot shoes, then there are many options for fall and winter as well. Rubber boots, autumn sneakers or winter shoes are available in barefoot code design. At Promenix.nu you will find barefoot shoes for both children and adults.


En flicka lär sig att cykla under hösten i ett par höstkängor för barn.