Frequently Asked Questions – Q&A


Q: I want to return one or more products, how do I do?

A: You can read all about returns here.


Q: Will you bring in more of these shoes?

A: We do not know, unfortunately. Deliveries are very uncertain right now. Even though we have ordered shoes, it is difficult to get information about when it can be delivered and it is even difficult for us to be able to see what orders we have made earlier before the season.


Q: My child's foot is this big and I need recommendations.

A: We recommend that you look at and read on the product page for shoes you are interested in. Most shoes have inner dimensions specified according to a size guide. We recommend 1.5 cm in extra space for ordinary shoes, and 1 cm in slippers. If the shoes do not have a size or size guide, we can help you via email or instant message on Facebook or Instagram.