En person står barfota bakom sina skor.

Drop is the difference in height between the heel of the shoe and the front part of the foot. So in other words, a shoe that has zero drop is flat. It is the very opposite of having a heel of any kind on one's shoe.

A shoe construction with zero drop creates a more natural design for how our feet act without shoes. It is therefore not surprising that most barefoot shoes have a very small "heel" or are usually zero drop. It's similar to simply being barefoot.

Better posture with flat shoes

A shoe that has zero drop allows your posture to be more upright. A shoe that has an elevation in the heel places a higher load on the front part of the foot.

Thin soles take time to get used to

It may take some time to get used to using a flatter shoe with zero drop. It's good to start gradually and let your feet wear bare shoes in stages, rather than drastically changing all your shoes.

Promenix has many barefoot shoes with zero drop for both children and adults from brands such as Be Lenka for adults and children , BLifestyle , Ahinsa , Barebarics and Camper .