En pappa som är förälder, håller sitt barn i famnen och barnet har på sig gula gummistövlar av barnskomärket Kavat.

To use the rubber boots for children as soon as the smallest drop falls from the sky it may seem obvious. You let the child walk, jump and play in them all day. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best, writes shoe manufacturer Kavat on his blog.

Important to keep in mind with rubber boots


Rubber is a material that does not breathe. Because rubber boots should be allowed to rest and dry out before using them again. Rubber boots should therefore not really be used daily, but more as a complement when it is rainy and slushy.

Ett barn står i höstväder och har på sig gummistövlar från varumärket Kavat som gör barnskon Gimo.

The rubber boot in the picture is from Kavat and his name is Gimo. It is a warm-lined rubber boot and an affordable complement for rain, wet snow and slush. Kavat Gimo is available in several colors such as purpleblue, RED and black. The boot is 100% waterproof and is made of recyclable SEBS rubber which is completely free of PVC! 

Care instructions for the Kavat Gimo rubber boot

Did you know that the Gimo rubber boot is washable in 30 degrees? But before you throw your little Gimo in the washing machine, remember that take out the lining and wash and dry it separately.

It is important that both the boot and the lining are dried at room temperature, and not in a dryer or any other heat sources, which can cause the lining to shrink and rubber to crack. If you carefully pull out the lining and hang the Gimo upside down, the rubber boot dries faster. When the lining is completely dry, just put it in again.

Massor av gummistövlar som är modellen Gimo av barnskomärket Kavat står på rad i gräs utomhus.

Wash rubber boots without washing machine

As an alternative to washing machine, you can also clean the rubber boots with a dish brush, water and mild detergent or dish soap. Washcloths and foam cleaning also work.

Avoid solution-based cleaners and hard brushes. And remember to pour out any gravel and sand from the inside, so it should be easy to get them clean again!