Dropshipping - Returns & Terms

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping means that the products are sent directly from the manufacturer's warehouse abroad. If you are not satisfied with your order, you still have the option of returning your product, but then you send it directly to Promenix. In case of return, the shipping cost is not refunded.

Therefore, we ask you to be very careful in choosing your size by measuring your feet, comparing with the size guide and adding a little extra room.

Exchanges for dropshipping orders

If you want a different size or color of the shoe you have ordered, you can place a new order, and send the order that was the wrong size/color to us like a normal return. If you would like to exchange your order for something else from our store, you can do so within 14 days.

1) In the case of an exchange/return, you must pay SEK 150 for shipping again for a new order. We pay shipping to Be Lenka for the dropshipping orders on a case-by-case basis. This is a fixed cost that we offer our customers, which is lower than what we pay Be Lenka for delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot remove this cost of SEK 150 if you would like to be able to return the item.

2) If you are sure of your exchange and know that no further exchange or return will be needed, you can request to deduct the shipping cost of SEK 150 from your new order after you have placed it. In that case, write us an email that you will not need to change further. This means that you cannot return the shoes to us again. In any case, however, the customer must pay for the return of the original pair to us. Please order a return slip here.

You send your return to:

Tatjana Bertzell (Fair Value Sweden AB)
Lumagatan 11
120 63 Stockholm

Dropshipping orders from outside of Sweden

If you are a customer shopping shoes via dropshipping from outside of Sweden, dropshipping orders have to be returned to us: Promenix, (not Be Lenka).

Unfortunately we cannot create a return label for you, you will have to organize the shipment yourself with your delivery company of choice. Otherwise the normal return rights are applied to the order. Read here about International returns.

Can I cancel my dropshipping order?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Your shoes are ordered from Be Lenka pretty much as soon as your order comes in to ensure that your size does not sell out. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel a placed order.

Even if we were to write to the manufacturer and ask them to cancel the order, their warehouse will ship the order before they can read the email.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how long the delivery from abroad will take, but usually it takes 1-2 weeks.