Silas the sloth Leggings, Stl 0-4 år

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Type: Barnkläder

Made for those slower, hanging around the house days, it's Silas the Sloth. Chunky multicoloured stripes and a fluffy Silas on the bottom. 

Our leggings are stretchy and seamless to enable total freedom when playing and have a lovely wide, ribbed waistband for comfort. The bottom is designed to stretch around nappies, including cloth ones.

We ensure our cotton supply and factories are sustainable, to find out more please see our factories page

Composition 65% Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Colour: Cream/Blue/Yellow

Age Waist Total Length Waist band to Crotch Cuff Width
00-06 Months 37cm 33cm 19cm 7cm
06-12 Months 37cm 38cm 20cm 7cm
1-2 Years 39cm 42cm 20cm 8cm
2-3 Years 41cm 46cm 21cm 9cm
3-4 Years 41cm 50cm 21cm 9cm
4-5 Years 41cm 56cm 23cm 9cm
5-6 Years 41cm 60cm 24cm 9cm
6-7 Years 41cm 63cm 24cm 10cm
7-8 Years 41cm 67cm 25cm 10cm
8-9 Years 42cm 70cm 26cm 10cm
9-10 Years 43cm 75cm 26cm 10cm