Elf Sandal Pink Barefoot shoes/Sandals, Size 24-32

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Type: Sandaler


Upper: 50% recycled cotton and Chrome-free Leather
Lining: Air mesh
Insole: Chrome-free Leather
Sole: PU (Italian Origin), Zero Drop

Size guide

24 - 15 cm (7.4 cm)  
25 - 16 cm (7.5 cm)  
26 - 16.5 cm (7.6 cm)  
27 - 17 cm (7.9 cm)  
28 - 17.5 cm (8 cm)  
29 - 18 cm (8.2 cm)  
30 - 19 cm (8.4 cm)
31 - 19.5 cm (8.6 cm)  
32 -20 cm (8.8 cm)  

Passform: Normal/Wide
Toe box: Wide


The shoes are designed with a large toe box so that the child's feet can grow easily and naturally without being restricted in any way. A very thin and flexible sole with equal thickness ensures the feeling of barefoot walking.

The results of wearing barefoot shoes.  

- Strengthening of the leg and foot muscles.
- Increasing sense of balance and improving posture.
- Support of natural running movement.
- Better contact with the ground and better sensorimotor muscle and nerve cooperation.
- Reducing the risk of foot-related problems such as hallux or hammer-toed fingers.

All products are sustainably manufactured in our family shoe factory in Poland (EU).

All materials used in the production of our footwear come from the European Union.