Adventure boot Pink SoftSoles, Size 18-25

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Upper: Chrome free Leather
Lining: Chrome free Leather
Sole: Chrome free Leather (One layer)
Type: Slippers

Size Guide

18 - S (EU 18-19) - 11 cm
20 - M (EU 20-21) - 12.5 cm
22-L (EU 22-23) - 14 cm
24 - XL (EU 24-25) - 15 cm


Super cool, slightly taller slipper for the younger ones, which is perfect for indoor use or for the stroller. Bobux Soft Soles are fantastic indoor shoes that protect and keep the foot comfortable and warm. The soft leather breathes and is shaped according to the baby's foot, allowing it to move freely and grow without restriction. The shoe's leather sole prevents the child from slipping, and gives a good grip when it starts to crawl, tumble and walk. The elastic around the ankle means that the slipper remains on the foot and does not slip off.

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