Winter Kids All Black Barfota Vinterskor, Stl 25-35

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One of the top favourite models among adults, now available also in a version for Kids. Be Lenka Winter Kids in Dark Cherry Red colour are exceptionally warm barefoot winter shoes thanks to Merino wool lining. Special membrane and premium leather provide excellent water-repellent properties. Gusseted tongue ensures no dirt enters the shoes, which are also very easy to put on and off. The model for Kids is complemented with reflective elements. One model for everyone – enjoy the winter in Be Lenka Winter.

Description & Specifications


Upper: leather
Lining: Merino wool (water-repellent membrane)
Insole: Removable (Merino, alu foil, latex)
Sole: KidsUltraGrip (TR)
Made in Portugal


  • Our barefoot shoes perfectly mimic the feeling of walking barefoot, just as nature intended
  • Wool lining with thermoregulatory properties protects the feet against the cold
  • Contoured KidsComfort Grip ensures excellent stability and provides perfect control over your gait
  • Easy to put on/off thanks to the elastic bands instead of classical laces
  • Gusseted tongue ensures no dirt enters the shoe
  • Reflective elements for better visibility
  • The spacious toe box ensures natural and unrestrained movement of the toes

Barefoot footwear benefits:

  • Flexible sole
  • Zero drop (flat from heel to toe) supporting correct body posture
  • Wide foot-shaped toe box
  • Lightweight


Type: Walking shoes

Size chart

Size width Length
25 6,9 16,7
26 7,1 17,4
27 7,2 18,1
28 7,4 18,8
29 7,5 19,5
30 7,7 20,1
31 7,9 20,8
32 8,1 21,5
33 8,2 22,2
34 8,4 22,9
35 8,6 23,5
36 9,0 24,0
37 9,3 24,6
38 9,4 25,4

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimeters.

We recommend adding an extra 0.5 - 1,2 cm to the total length of the child's foot, which will give you the ideal shoe size for your child.

How to measure your foot correctly?

  • Place a blank A4-sized paper on a flat, smooth and even surface.
  • Step onto the paper with all your weight on the leg.
  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the heel and the farthest point from the heel (beware, it may not always be the big toe)
  • Measure the distance between these two points on feet with a ruler (the difference can be ± 0.5 cm)
  • The number obtained is the length of the foot
  • Add an extra 0.5-1.2 cm (ideal leeway) to the length of the foot, and you will get the ideal size of your shoe.
  • Find your shoe size per the above measurements by referring to the size chart for each product on our website.
  • The size chart indicates the inner length and width of our barefoot shoes in centimeters.

Important note

  • Our size charts may not correlate with other brands. Hence we recommend following the above steps to determine your correct Be Lenka barefoot shoe size.