Barefoot Sneakers Stellar Black, Stl 36-47 (Vuxna)

1 549 kr


Upper: Leather
Lining: Textile
Sole: TPU

Size chart

Size Width Length
36 8,9 23,3
37 9,3 24,0
38 9,5 24,5
39 9,7 25,0
40 9,9 25,7
41 10,0 26,4
42 10,3 27,2
43 10,5 27,9
44 10,7 29,0
45 10,8 29,6
46 11,2 30,3
47 11,4 31


The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

We recommend adding an excess of 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you your ideal shoe size.

Pass off your casual-cool vibes with Be Lenka Stellar sneakers. A perfect blend of urban style and healthy footwear, with a trendy basketball style look that will set you apart from other barefoot enthusiasts. Thanks to the high sneaker "dunk" look, you will feel stylish and comfortable all day long. Ultra-flexible, 4mm sole, provides an excellent ground feel, while wide toe box gives you that fantastic barefoot feeling.

Always wished to have the barefoot feeling in your urban sneakers? Look no further - Be Lenka Stellar sneakers with a high-top profile are your "must-have" everyday shoes for effortless combinability and style.

Premium quality leather, attention to detail, and specially designed 4 mm barefoot sole guarantee the highest walking comfort. The sneakers are unisex and suitable for all weathers after treating with a waterproofing spray.

Like our entire barefoot range, the sneakers offer unrestricted & natural movement of the foot, thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use.

Human feet are naturally built for unrestricted movement. Be Lenka Barefoot shoes allow your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any limitations. They perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended them to be.


Type of footwear: Walking shoes