Petit Winter Booty Nostalgia Rose Barfotaskor, Stl 24

749 kr
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Ovandel: Läder
Foder: Lammull
Sula: Gummi


21 - 12.5 cm (5.8 cm)


Petit Winter Booty is a nice warm winter edition of the classic, Petit. It is a super soft and flexible model, lined with 100% lambswool to keep the little feet warm in winter. 

Designed with a combination of smooth leather and suede, the boot has a lighter and super cute look. The soft and flexible rubber sole is ideal for the small ones still crawling a bit, yet still practicing to stand and walk by themselves. The Petit Velcro provides extra protection for the little toes as the child walks, plays and explores.

The sole has a rough profile which provides the foundation for safe play with a better foothold. The shaft is higher than the classic Petit model and works well with a snowsuit.

Recommended growing space: 12-15 mm.

Barfota, mjuka och flexibla