Nido Pomelo Barfotaskor/Sandaler, Stl 25-32

499 kr
Typ: Sandaler


Ovandel: Premium Läder
Foder: Premium Läder
Innersula: 0.8 mm Textil
Sula: 2mm Naturgummi

Storleksguide (ca. innermått och bred) 

25 - 16.5 cm (7.4 cm)
26 - 17.5 cm (7.6 cm)
27 - 18 cm (7.6 cm)
28 - 19 cm (7.8 cm)
29 - 19.5 cm (8 cm)
30 - 20 cm (8.2 cm)
31 - 21 cm (8.5 cm)
32 - 21.5 cm (8.8 cm)


The Nido sandals are the latest sandal from Tikki and is probably one of the most barefoot options they sell. The shoes comprise a 2mm thin and flexible zero drop rubber sole with a textile insole to prevent slipping. They are made from a super-soft premium leather. They have a nice wide toe box and a rubber toe cap for durability. All in all a sandal that is so soft and lightweight you will hardly know they are there.

A lovely extra wide fitting shoe with a good adjustment around the ankle to suit a range of medium to extra-wide feet. The shoes will also accommodate a higher instep nicely but will feel a bit snug on very wide and very deep feet.