Melursus TEX Plum Purple Barfotaskor, Stl 24-34

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Ovandel: Microfiber/ Textil (Vattenavvisande TEX Membran)
Foder: Ull (Mulesing free)
Sula: Gummi / Zero Drop

Tåbox: Bred


24 - 16 cm (6.7 cm)
25 - 16.5 cm (6.8 cm)
26 - 17 cm (7.1 cm)
27 - 17.5 cm (7.3 cm)
28 - 18 cm (7.4 cm)
29 - 18.5 cm (7.6 cm)
30 - 19 cm (7.8 cm)
31 - 20 cm (8 cm)
32 - 21 cm (8.2 cm)
33 - 22 cm (8.4 cm)
34 - 22.5 cm (8.5 cm)

Passform: Normal


Is it getting cold outside? Our winter boot MELURSUS should be in your shoe cupboard by now! The construction made of scratch-resistant, synthetic material and durable textile ensures a wintery look and a robust winter shoe. Thanks to the cozy lining made of mulesing-free wool, your feet are guaranteed not to freeze and the quick-release fastener on the shaft of the boot ensures that the boot adapts perfectly to every foot. Thanks to the additional zipper, the MELURSUS are super easy to put on!

​Please note: We recommend ordering the MELURSUS 1.5 cm bigger than the foot, as a little more space is required due to the lining and thick socks, which are often worn in winter shoes. 


Organic leather can have certain characteristics such as insect bites, scratches or slight color differences, but these are part of its unique and natural character. Every single shoe is a handmade unique piece that bears the signature of the employee. Socks can become discolored if you sweat heavily. In order to ensure the long durability of our organic leather, good protection against moisture and moisture is essential.

Please do not wash your shoe in the washing machine and only clean it with a suitable cleaning agent. We recommend taking the insole out of the shoe regularly to air it out and thus avoid waterlogging. For optimal product properties, our shoes should be impregnated before use; this is particularly important for shoes with textile content.