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Mei-Tai Tweetie bärsele

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- Går att använda både fram och bak
- Perfekt ortopedisk stöd som är bra för ditt barns ryggrad och höfter
- Lätt att använda
- One-size
- I enlighet med Europeisk säkerhetsstandard (European Safety Norm EN 13209-2:2006)


- The modern version of a traditional baby carrier
- Front and back carry
- Comfortable baby wearing with easy to tie, wide, padded straps
- Orthopedically perfect support, good for the spine and hip of your baby
- From newborn (ideal from 3 mos) till 15 kgs
- One size for Mum & Daddy
- Member of Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA)
- Complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209-2:2006

This traditional Oriental baby carrier is so comfortable that it satisfies all today’s requirements.
Due to its wide, padded adjustable straps you can hold your baby in a comfortable position.

Mei Tai is an excellent choice from an orthopaedic point of view as well: the straddle position provides an optimal hip development, while the spine is supported in an anatomically correct way.

Experienced users can use Mei Tais for newborn babies up to 15 kilos. One size for Mum and Dad.

Mei-Tai Tweetie bärsele

Mei-Tai Tweetie bärsele

799 kr