Jungle Light Black Barfotaskor/Sandaler (Vuxna), Stl 36-45

799 kr

The iGUANEYE Jungle provides ultra-minimal foot protection. It acts like a second skin and follows all your movements. A piece of Ultraflex elastomer only wraps around your big toe and your heel. By doing so, it secures a thick ergonomic sole under your feet and just like magic : IT HOLDS ! Light soles are made of EVA foam. Incredibly light and water-proof, they are also soft and super comfortable. The Light version has the advantage to follow you even in water or when weather is rainy.


-Main bodies (both for Freshoes and Jungle) : a specifically formulated TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Those parts are injected into custom molds. This allows the iGUANEYE to get this unique organic design: one piece construction where no glue or seams are needed. This makes those parts very easy to recycle, you can just throw them on the plastic recycling container at the end of their life.
-Suede leather insoles : 98% cork+2% latex, covered with suede leather (also comes in a vegan version). Handmade in Portugal using an innovative technology. A micro-net incorporated into the sole at the moulding stage allows the cork to take various shapes and to support distortions.
-Vegan insoles : same construction than the SL insoles but a synthetic suede replace the leather.
-Waterproof insoles : EVA foam grid covered with synthetic leather OnSteam.
-Lux soles : 65%cork+35%latex, covered with suede leather. A thin rubber outsole provide very good reistance to abrasion.
-Light soles : medium density EVA foam.




iGUANEYE's ventilated system is made of six openings and of a series of canals which allow fresh air to circulate under the foot arch.  The moist is retained by the cork and evacuates continuously. This feeling of freshness reinforces the impression of not wearing anything and walking barefoot.