Flower Face Leggings, Stl 0-4 år

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Spring is in the air with these beautiful floral pattern leggings with a smiley face on the bum. Patel toned flowers in cream, pink, grey and greens make these the sweetest leggings for your little one.

  • 75% Cotton 20% Polyamide 5% Elastane
  • Suitable for cloth nappies
  • UK Designed
Age Waist Total Length Waist band to Crotch Cuff Width
00-06 Months 37cm 33cm 19cm 7cm
06-12 Months 37cm 38cm 20cm 7cm
1-2 Years 39cm 42cm 20cm 8cm
2-3 Years 41cm 46cm 21cm 9cm
3-4 Years 41cm 50cm 21cm 9cm
4-5 Years 41cm 56cm 23cm 9cm
5-6 Years 41cm 60cm 24cm 9cm
6-7 Years 41cm 63cm 24cm 10cm
7-8 Years 41cm 67cm 25cm 10cm
8-9 Years 42cm 70cm 26cm 10cm
9-10 Years 43cm 75cm 26cm 10cm