The Walk Fuchsia Barfotaskor, Stl 21-27

799 kr


Ovandel: Kromfritt Läder
Foder: Kromfritt Läder
Sula: Gummi
TåBox: Bred


21 - 13 cm (6.3 cm)
22 - 14 cm (6.5 cm)
23 - 15 cm (6.4 cm)
24 - 15.5 cm (6.5 cm)
25 - 16 cm (6.7 cm)
26 - 17 cm (6.8 cm)
27 - 17.5 cm (7 cm)


The Walk Velcro Sport is perfect for small children who are practicing walking on their own. It offers high ankle support and is perfect for children who need a little help not overstretching their joints.
Two velcro-straps provide great adjustment possibilities and ensures a firm fit on each individual foot, as well as making it easy to get on/off. Striking contrast details give a fresh and sporty look!

The Walk Velcro Sport is produced in soft, breathable leather materials and lined with vegetable tanned leather.

The sole is made of rubber and The Walk Velcro Sport is part of the "Bundgaard Zero Heel" collection*.

  • Fit: Wide
  • Back counter support
  • Soft padding on the collar is added for extra comfort
  • Soft and flexible
  • Toe protection
  • Toe reinforcement
  • The velcro closures make the shoe easy to open all the way up, so it is easy to get on and off
  • Cutting stitch on the velcro straps allow them to be adjusted and shortened, enabling a perfect fit to each individual foot

It is recommended to always impregnate shoes/sandals both before and during use, to avoid dirt, grease and liquid penetrating the leather. Please always choose the impregnation product carefully.

Leather is a natural material, and each product is unique. In time, the leather may look a little dry or tired, and need a little care. Start by wiping the shoe/sandal with a hard-wrung damp cloth and allow the shoe to dry.

Then use shoe polish or leather grease. When the product has dried completely, the shoe can advantageously be impregnated again. Please repeat regularly.

NOTE: never use shoe polish or leather grease on suede or glitter-materials.



Bundgaard Zero Heel is a collection characterized by thin and flexible soles. This increases freedom of movement and gives a good sense of the ground. The soles are flat without heel drop -- a non-elevated heel. The main idea behind this collection has been to create minimalistic styles where the sole purpose is to protect the foot against the outside surface.