SportStyle Dark Red Vegan Barfotaskor, Stl 37-42

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Ovandel: Microfiber/Textil / Veganska skor
Foder: Textil
Innersula: Organic Bomull
Sula: 4 mm / 100% Gummi / Zero Drop


37 - 
41 - 
42 - 


Production handmade & fair in Portugal

In addition to the perfect wearing comfort, is the sporty look of your sneaker important to you? Then our "sportSTYLE" model is just right for you. As usual, our sporty model is extremely comfortable and has a thin and flexible sole, which ensures our beloved barefoot feeling. And best of all: Our sporty shoe is even vegan! Because the materials we only use here are natural cotton from controlled organic cultivation and breathable synthetic fibers.

The heart of our minimal shoe is the barefoot sole specially developed by us . A sole that promotes your foot position and general posture. Our feet are protected by our only 4mm thin shoe sole , but they remain active and we noticeably perceive the ground. Our feet move freely. Running in our minimal shoes strengthens your foot musclesand promotes a healthy and natural running style.

Due to the permanent muscle movement of the foot muscles, no matter how small, you don't have to worry about cold feet!

Our cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and is GOTS certified, so no chemicals are used in cotton cultivation. The organic cotton is therefore wonderfully soft, particularly kind to the skin and environmentally friendly.

For us, sustainability is not a marketing trend. We attach great importance to an ecological, fair and sustainable future. We only want the best for your health and your feet. For us, this automatically means that we only use natural, sustainable and high-quality materials for our minimal shoes . This starts with GOTS certified organic cotton and only ends for us with the use of water-based glue .

We do not use chemical processing or repairs, so each barefoot shoe is a handmade one-off that bears the handwriting of the employee from Portugal. Almost all materials originate in Europe and are non-toxic and meet extremely high standards .


Please do not wash your shoe in the washing machine and only clean it with a suitable cleaning agent. We recommend taking the insole out of the shoe regularly to air it out, thus avoiding waterlogging. For optimal product properties, our shoes should be impregnated before use, this is especially important for shoes with textile content.