Sailor Grey Varmfodrade Gummistövlar, Stl 21-33

519 kr
Product information

Material: Rubber
Lining: Wool 40%/Dacron 60%
Sole: Rubber
Fit: WideTex-MembranNo
Sailor Rubber Boot Warm is a warm and waterproof boot in a great maritime design. The top of the shaft is in a quilted look. The shaft can be tightened by lace, to ensure a tight fit around the leg and thereby keeping water out of the boot.

Bundgaard rubber boots have an extraordinarily high content of natural rubber, which makes them extremely soft and flexible for the child to wear. We recommend using rubber boots as an extra boot for rainy days, as even water repellent winter boots will have their limitations. During the cold months, it is of course important to choose a lined rubber boot to keep the small feet warm and dry.

Recommended growing supplement: 10-12mm.


Fit: Wide
The stable back counter provides support
Toe reinforcement provides space and protection for the toes
Removable insoles make it:
Easy to check if the size is correct – both at purchase and continuously during use. NOTE: Small children bend their toes and will therefore not feel when the shoe is too small
Possible to aerate and dry the soles
Easy and fast to clean the inside of the boot

Reflective details on the back cover ensure that the boot is visible during the dark winter hours
Soft and flexible

Good advice to take care of your rubber boots

The care and maintenance of the rubber boots will prolong their life, keeping them strong and flexible without tearing. It is not difficult to take good care of the boots; a care product can be bought directly from the store or alternatively a natural oil can be used instead (e.g. a taste-neutral oil from the kitchen). Always apply the product with a sponge or cloth.

Once the rubber boots have been washed, do not dry them on the radiator or another heat source. This can create cracks in the rubber, challenging the boot to remain completely waterproof.