Shark Knit Vegan Walker Barfotaskor, Stl 19-25

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Mjuk stickad slip-on sko med snörning . Idealisk följeslagare för ett barns första steg. Denna sko är vegansk.


Ovandel: Stickad polyester, mikrofiberpolyester
Yttersula: 70% syntetiskt gummi, 30% naturgummi
Innersula: Bloom Foam® (EVA-skum med 30 % algkomponenter)



19 - 12 cm (6 cm)
20 - 13 cm (6.2 cm)
21 - 13.5 cm (6.3 cm)
22 - 14 cm (6.3 cm)
23 - 14.5 cm (6.4 cm)
24 - 15.5 cm (6.5 cm)
25 - 16.5 cm (6.7 cm)


High quality barefoot sneakers made in Germany! 

Soft knit shoe with lace-up closure and slip-on entry. Ideal companion for a child's first steps. This shoe is vegan.

- Fits firmly on the foot. Our lace-up shoes adapt perfectly to the child’s foot to support little adventurers on their first discovery tours on foot.
- Easy to slip on. Dressing made easy. The extra soft slip-on entry can be easily pulled over the foot.
- Super lightweight. As little material as necessary, as safe as possible. You don't get more barefoot than this.
- Thin, flexible sole. The sole of the Affenzahn pre-walker shoes is only as thick as necessary. It is not cushioned so that children can feel and perceive their surroundings and the surface.
- Right-left distinction. Smart move! Guaranteed to stop duck feet. Just watch out for the animal puzzle in the back and slip into your shoes.
- Slip-resistant. The carefully selected materials of the Affenzahn sole also ensure a good grip during the first steps.
- Enough space for growth. The natural shape of the shoes offers enough room for each toe, so that the feet are not constricted and can develop healthily.
- Firmly sewn sole. The sole in the shoe is firmly sewn to prevent sand and small stones from collecting underneath.
- Affenzahn´s materials are free from pfc. Per- and polyfluorinated substances are often used in the textile industry, but they are not biodegradable and not good for our environment.
- Fair working conditions are very important to Affenzahn. For this, they have already been rewarded several times, as one of a few companies, with the Fair Wear Leader status.