Louis Brun Barfotaskor, Stl 27-35

749 kr


Ovandel: Kromfritt Läder
Foder: Kromfritt Läder
Sula: Naturgummi


27 - 18 cm
28 - 18.5 cm
30 - 20 cm
31 - 20.5 cm
32 - 21 cm
34 - 22.5 cm


These shoes are as barefoot as leather shoes can get. Anatomically correct shape of these shoes fits perfect to the growing feet. With wide toe box the foot shape will not adjust to the shoe shape but the other way around. 

Shoe care

With a little care and use of wax these shoes are resistant to rain but not waterproof. Please have some rubber boots ready for those really wet days. Use of wax will darken the color of the shoe, but will protect and soften it in a long run.