Divine Ankle Boot Cognac Barfotakängor, Stl 36-43

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av Shapen


Ovandel: Läder
Foder: Microline - 100% breathable and absorbent material
Sula: Gummi 3.5 mm mm + 2 mm treat. / Zero Drop

Tåbox: Bred

Storleksguide (Tillverkarens mått i längd och bredd)

36 - 23.7 cm (8.6 cm)
37 - 24.5 cm (8.8 cm)
38 - 25.2 cm (9 cm)
39 - 25.8 cm (9.2 cm)
40 - 26.5 cm (9.4 cm)
41 - 27.2 cm (9.6 cm)
42 - 27.8 cm (9.8 cm)
43 - 28.5 cm (10 cm)

Passform: Normal/Bred


Elevate your style with our DIVINE stylish ankle boots! Made from premium quality leather with chic straps, these boots are a perfect blend of fashion and durability. With a comfortable fit, versatile design, and attention to detail, these ankle boots are a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Step out in confidence and make a statement with SHAPEN’s Stylish Ankle Boots!

Our shoes meet all barefoot requirements. They have an anatomical shape with enough space for all toes and a zero drop between the heel and the toe. Thin outsole (3.5 mm + 2 mm treat) will provide a real barefoot experience. Shoes are flexible in all directions and very lightweight.


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