ClassicStyle Sand Barfotaskor, Stl 36-46

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Ovandel: Eko Nappa Läder
Foder: Vegetabiliskt garvat eko läder
Sula: 50% Gummi 50% Kork / Zero Drop

Handmade in Portugal


36 - 
37 - 25 cm (9.5 cm)
38 - 25.5 cm (9.6 cm)
39 - 26.5 cm (9.7 cm)
40 - 
41 - 
42 - 28 cm (10.1 cm)
43 - 28.5 cm (10.3 cm)
44 - 29.5 cm (10.6 cm)
45 - 30 cm (10.8 cm)
46 - 31 cm (11 cm)


Timeless design, sustainable materials and incomparable wearing comfort: That is our "classicSTYLE". The beautiful classic can be worn perfectly on any occasion and not only impresses with its clear design, but is also water-repellent and very hard-wearing thanks to the special treatment of the organic nappa leather. Inside the classic you will find purely vegetable-tanned organic leather, because we only use the best materials for your feet!


Organic leather can have certain characteristics such as insect bites, scratches or slight color differences, but these are part of the unique and natural character. Every single shoe is a handmade one-off that bears the signature of the employee. Socks can discolor if you sweat heavily. In order to ensure a long durability of our organic leather, good protection against moisture and moisture is essential.

Please do not wash your shoe in the washing machine and only clean it with a suitable cleaning agent. We recommend taking the insole out of the shoe regularly to air it out, thus avoiding waterlogging. For optimal product properties, our shoes should be impregnated before use, this is especially important for shoes with textile content.