Calida Black Barfotaskor/Vinterskor, Stl 36-42

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av Antal


Ovandel: EU Läder
Foder: Fuskpäls / Fårull
Innersula: Fårull / Alu-Folie
Sula: Gummi, 4 mm + 2 mm mönster / Zero Drop

Tåbox: Bred


36 - 23.5 cm (8.9 cm)
37 - 24 cm (9.1 cm)
38 - 24.5 cm (9.2 cm)
39 - 25.5 cm (9.3 cm)
40 - 26 cm (9.4 cm)
41 - 26.5 cm (9.7 cm)
42 - 27.5 cm (9.8 cm)

Passform; Normal/Bred


Calida isn't just stylish and modern; it also provides maximum barefoot comfort even in winter and the desired thermal comfort for your feet!

They are suitable for normal to wider feet with a normal to higher arch.

Calida shoes are designed to offer you thermal comfort and protection on chilly days during dry urban winters. You won't have to endure the cold with them, allowing you to fully enjoy your activities. They are made from carefully selected certified materials with verified European origins, ensuring barefoot comfort in the end. The upper material is European certified leather.

To ensure maximum thermal comfort for your feet, we have used a combination of layers in the insole: our original Antal sole, real sheep's wool, and an insole with aluminum foil, latex, and warming hair to provide you with the thermal insulation you need!

An anatomically shaped toebox and "zero drop" are a matter of course.


Remove coarse dirt with a brush or a soft cloth. Treat dry leather with cream. Avoid soaking in water, as it damages the appearance of the surface finish and distorts the shape.