Brooklyn Light Blue & grey Barfotaskor (Vuxna), Stl 36-46

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Be Lenka Brooklyn barefoot sneakers - Timeless sporty looks infused with cosy, classy vibes. Crafted from durable premium quality leather - these low-tops showcase 4mm (without lugs) thin ultra-flexible sole, supple uppers for maximum barefoot feel and comfort. The classic casual design of Be Lenka Brooklyn makes them a must-have part of any wardrobe and are brilliantly suited for everything from city outings to casual strolls in parks.

Size chart

Size Width Length
36 8,6 23,3
37 8,8 23,9
38 9,0 24,6
39 9,2 25,3
40 9,4 25,9
41 9,6 26,6
42 9,8 27,3
43 10,0 27,9
44 10,1 28,6
45 10,3 29,3
46 10,5 29,9


The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

We recommend adding an excess of 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you your ideal shoe size.

Description & Specifications

Upper: Leather
Lining: Leather / textile
Sole: Rubber


Be Lenka Brooklyn leather barefoot sneakers are a stylish addition to any spring and summer casual outfit. Thanks to their simple but elegant looks and their unmatched barefoot comfort, they are an ideal companion for walks in the city and nature.

Be Lenka Brooklyn White & Black sneakers made of premium quality Nappa leather. The other colour versions of Be Lenka Brooklyn are made of premium soft Nubuck leather.

Like our entire barefoot range, Be Lenka Brooklyn sneakers meet all the attributes of barefoot shoes. Such as a flexible sole made of first-class rubber with a thickness of 4 mm (without lugs), a wide toe box (front part) that ensures comfort and natural movement for your toes.

Human feet are naturally built for unrestricted movement. Be Lenka Barefoot shoes allow your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any limitations. They perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended.


Barefoot attributes:

- Wide foot-shaped toe box
- Flexible sole
- Zero heel elevation & Zero toe spring (flat from heel to toe)
- Lightweight construction


Type of footwear: Walking shoes