Play Bubblegum Barfotaskor, Stl 25-35

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Ovandel: Läder
Foder: Textil
Sula: Gummi


25 - 16cm (7.1cm)
26 - 16.5cm (7.2cm)
27 - 17.2cm (7.4cm)
28 - 18cm (7.5cm)
29 - 18.5cm (7.7cm)
30 - 19.2cm (7.9cm)
31 - 20cm (7.9cm)
32 - 20.5cm (8.1cm)
33 - 21.2cm (8.2cm)
34 - 22cm (8.3cm)
35 - 22.5cm (8.5cm)

The size chart indicates the length and width of the insole of the shoe in centimetres.

We recommend adding an extra 1 - 1.5 cm to the total length of the child's foot, which will give you the ideal shoe size for your child.


Let your little ones run wild in Be Lenka Play kids barefoot and keep them looking stylish and feeling comfy. These gorgeous, premium leather barefoot shoes with ergonomic foot-shaped design, wide toe box, thin & flexible 6 mm sole and zero drop are specially designed for kids' growing feet. Barefoot shoes with a perfect blend of looks and functionality which kids love to wear all day long.