Nord Caramel Barfotaskor/Vinterskor (Vuxna), Stl 36-46

1 680 kr


Ovandel: Leather
Foder: Fleece
Sula: TPU


36 - 23.5 cm (9.1 cm)
38 - 24.5 cm (9.3 cm)
39 - 25 cm (9.7 cm)
41 - 26.4 cm (10 cm)
42 - 27.2 cm (10.3 cm)
43 - 28 cm (11 cm)
45 - 30 cm (11.5 cm)


Be Lenka Nord barefoot are stylish, high-tech shoes which are perfectly suited for cold weather. Premium quality leather provides fantastic durability and the fleece lining provides warm dry comfort. The sole is just 4 mm thick, made from puncture-resistant and durable rubber.

The wide toe box design like our entire barefoot shoe collection enables the natural and unrestricted movement of the toes, thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use. Barefoot shoes perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended.

We do recommend to buy shoes that are 1cm longer than your foot, in case if winter will be too cold for barefoot shoes you will have extra space for extra wool socks.

Barefoot shoe attributes

Zero heel elevation
Zero toe spring
Wide foot-shaped toe box
Thin & flexible sole
Type: Urban footwear

Note: Shoes are not designed for sports. You can prolong their life by cleaning as required and spraying them regularly with a protective coat.