Amada Wine Red Premium Barfotaskor (Vuxna), Stl 36-42

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av Antal


Ovandel: Läder med LWG certificate
Foder: Microfiber (functional - abrasion-resistant, air and vapor permeable)
Innersula: Microfiber with 2 mm foam 
Sula: quilted, 4mm + 2mm pattern

Storleksguide (innermått längd och bredd)

36 - 23.5 cm (9.1 cm)
37 - 24.2 cm (9.2 cm)
38 - 25 cm (9.4 cm)
39 - 25.5 cm (9.6 cm)
40 - 26.1 cm (9.8 cm)
41 - 27 cm (9.9 cm)
42 - 27.5 cm (10.1 cm)

We recommend to add 1 (for slim and normal feet) -1.5 (for wide feet) to the measurement of your foot to get a perfect size. 


Antal Amada Barefoot shoes

Antal shoes are so light and comfortable that you will forget you have them on your feet. They are made of soft cowhide with the LWG certificate. The lining is made of Smart Fabrics - functional microfiber with imitation leather, which is breathable and highly absorbent. The insole has a soft and light functional foam 2mm thick – high moisture absorption and evaporation. Our original outsole is thin, light, flexible and with „zero drop“ – for your natural walking experience!

Antal Amada Barefoots are shoes for those who love freedom and adventure. Amada are ideal shoes for walking around the city or to the park. 

Barefoots Antal Amada are a product of the family company Antal shoes from Slovakia, which specializes in barefoot shoes. Try them yourself and see the difference!