Voxna WP Ash Rose Winter Boots, Size 22-30

594 kr Regular price 849 kr

Voxna is one of winter's big favorites. A flexible, warming, and waterproof winter boot. Very easy for the child to jump in and out. Voxna is made of partially recycled material with a biodegradable membrane.

Voxna WP is:

  • waterproof with biodegradable membrane
  • made of partially recycled textile/polyester with sealed seams
  • durable with leather around the foot part
  • guaranteed free of fluorocarbons
  • equipped with reflex
  • machine washable
  • easy to put on / off
  • lined with warming fleece
  • equipped with a removable and replaceable sole in warming felt.
  • grip-friendly with a flexible outsole of natural rubber


Tip! Complement your winter shoes with a warming wool sock.

Size Guide

Storlek Millimeter Tum
22 134 5.23
23 140 5.46
24 147 5.73
25 154 6.01
26 161 6.28
27 170 6.63
28 177 6.9
29 184 7.18
30 191 7.45

Care guide

The shoes are easy to machine wash at 30 degrees without fabric softener and take out removable insoles. Dry the shoes upside down at room temperature and impregnate them if necessary, preferably with a water-based spray that is more environmentally friendly.

Remove any insoles for faster drying. As always, when washing, some bleaching and shrinkage may occur.