Gimo WP Bright Yellow Warm Rain Boots, Size 22-33

449 kr
Gimo gets the highest rating among many children and parents. It is light, warm and durable. A modern boot that is partly made of renewable resources in the form of sugar cane. It can also be machine washed. Product description Gimo is a warm-lined rubber boot and an affordable complement to the child's regular winter wardrobe for colder days with rain, wet snow and slush. Gimo WP is: - made of recyclable SEBS rubber, which comes from partially renewable resources in the form of sugar cane - free from PVC - guaranteed free of fluorocarbons - molded in one piece - light on the foot and durable - equipped with extendable and replaceable lining in warming wool blend - easy to jump in and out of - a good complement when the weather is mild, wet and sloppy - machine washable at 30 °. Remember: Rubber does not breathe. A rubber boot should only be used as a complement when the weather is wet and rainy. If the boot gets damp inside, remove the loose lining and dry separately. Do not tumble dry! Tip! Complement your boots with an extra inner sock. Perfect if the ordinary inner sock gets damp or needs to be washed. If you want to use this boot without lining, you must supplement it with an insole. Also, note that the inner dimension becomes significantly longer without lining, about 17mm. Style Rubberboot (Lined) Upper SEBS Rubber (30% Fossile free) Lining Woolmix Insole Woolmix (Removeable) Outsole SEBS Rubber Material WP Color Bright Yellow Inner measurement Size Millimeter 22 135 23 142 24 147 25 152 26 159 27 166 28 174 29 180 30 186 31 190 32 198 33 204 34 210 35 219 36 223