Gibbon Bio (Leather Walnut) Waterproof Barefoot shoes/Winter shoes, Size 20-35

999 kr

GIBBON - the ideal winter shoe for little feet! A soft, vegetable-tanned nappa leather is easy to care for and offers sufficient protection from the outside, while the real mulesing-free sheep's wool inside warms even the most cold-sensitive feet. In addition, with love for our most active little customers, we have equipped the shoes with a TEX membrane so that the GIBBON is waterproof. And best of all: the model gets a new non-slip but still flexible sole, which gives perfect grip in winter and at the same time an ultimate barefoot feeling!

Please note:
Organic leather can have certain characteristics such as insect bites, scratches or slight color differences, but these are part of the unique and natural character. Every single shoe is a handmade one-off that bears the signature of the employee. Socks can discolour if you sweat heavily. To keep your feet dry, the shoes should still be waterproofed before you use them for the first time. We also recommend regularly airing out and drying the shoe and sole separately! 

Please do not wash your shoe in the washing machine and only clean it with a suitable cleaning agent. You can find more care tips in our sustainability section!





Organic leather
With our leather lining, which is often worn directly on our skin, we make no compromises and only use purely vegetable-tanned organic leather. This is more resource-saving and environmentally friendly than leather from conventional production. The upper material of our "organic line" also consists entirely of vegetable-tanned organic leather.

Sheep's wool (mulesing-free)
For the lining of our winter shoes, we only use mulesing-free wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT). Mulesing means that the skin around the sheep's tail is removed - and this without anesthetic or painkillers. We don't want to support that, which is why we make sure that no sheep have to suffer for our shoes.