Icon Dark Grey Barefoot shoes (Adult), Size 36-47 Dropshipping

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Important information: Dropshipping means that we are shipping products directly from the manufakturer. We pay 150-180 sek in shipping (15-17 eur) which is included in the price. Bun in the case of return of the product to Promenix this sum will be deducted from the return sum. Therefore we ask you to be careful with measurements of your feet to chose the right size based on the size guide and add necessary extra space that is usually comfortable for you. 

The stock is updated daily, therefore unfortunately sometimes it happens that the stock didn't sync yet and the shoes are already sold out. If the product that you have ordered is no longer available we will let you know within 24 hours of your purchase, offer another similar product or cancel your order. 

Elegance is nothing but a perfect combination of comfort and style, which is exactly what Lenka All year barefoot shoes are. To go with the extreme comfort that you would associate with a barefoot shoe, Be Lenka barefoot shoes come in a variety of colours patterns and are designed for the fashion-conscious, resulting in gorgeous looking shoes that you will love to wear all day long. A special barefoot sole with a thickness of 4 mm guarantees you the highest walking comfort.


Shoe (upper): leather (smooth leather)
Lining: leather + textile
Sole: TPU

Type of Shoes: urban footwear

Barefoot shoe attributes

 Wide foot-shaped toe box
 Thin & flexible sole
 Zero heel elevation
 Zero toe spring

All-year-round Lenka shoes are made from high-grade leather, precisely cut to perfectly fit every foot. The wide front part of the shoe provides extra comfort, enables unrestricted & natural movement of the foot thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use. The sole is just 4 mm thick, made from puncture-resistant and durable rubber.

Human feet are naturally built for unrestricted movement. Be Lenka Barefoot shoes allow your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any limitations. They perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended them to be.



Size chart

Size Width Length
36 8,9 23,3
37 9,3 24,0
38 9,5 24,5
39 9,7 25,0
40 9,9 25,7
41 10,0 26,4
42 10,3 27,2
43 10,5 27,9
44 10,7 29,0
45 10,8 29,6
46 11,2 30,3
47 11,4 31


The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

We recommend adding an excess of 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you your ideal shoe size.