Crosslite Winter TEX Asphalt Waterproof Sneakers, Size 26-37

799 kr


Upper: Mesh/Waterproof 
Lining: Warm/Textile
Sole: Rubber

Size Guide

26 - 16 cm (7.1 cm)
27 - 16.5 cm  (7.3 cm)
34 - 21.5 cm (8.5 cm)
37 - 23.5 cm (9 cm)


Produced out of nice mesh textile with PU details.These shoes are light, have cushioning and stabilizing properties, which makes them optimal for the play outside. With Crosslite material shoes are breathing well and not letting the feet overheat. The shoe laces do not need to be tied and are there to keep the shoes tight on the feet, to put on the shoes you just need to use the velcro.