UrbanStyle Ocean Barefoot Shoes (Adults), Sizes 42-44

1 679 kr

Unisex barefoot shoes of the new German brand bLIFESTYLE.


42 - 28.5 cm (10.5cm)
43 - 29 cm (10.5cm)
44 - 30 cm (10.7cm)


Stylish minimalist footwear made of the highest quality materials with an emphasis on sustainability. The Urban model excels in lightness and youthful design. The shoes simulate the feeling of walking barefoot without any restriction of movement or oppression of the feet.

Thanks to the specially developed 4 mm thin, flexible and flat sole , the feet are protected, but at the same time they remain active and can feel different surfaces. The upper part is created from smooth leather . The stressed parts are made of microfiber resembling velour, the lining is made of fine leather . The comfortable cut of the shoe and the anatomically shaped toe guarantee sufficient space for the toes, which can thus move freely, naturally.