Canna Moss Green Barfotaskor, Stl 19-25

499 kr
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Material: Läder

Upper leather & outsole made of vegetable goats & cowhide Inner


19 - 12.5cm
20 - 13cm
21 - 13.5cm
22 - 14cm
23 - 15cm
24 - 15.5cm
25 - 16.2cm


Canna - toddler shoes, made of soft goatskin. The flexible outsole made of cowhide, a good fit and the wool felt insert make the shoes ideal for beginners. The wool felt dampens the appearance and warms the feet comfortably without sweating. The little feet are well protected and at the same time get enough freedom of movement thanks to the flexible lacing and the wide opening that goes with it; a barefoot feeling is created.